Illuminati 2020

Illuminati 2020 Haben Sie eine Frage?

Here is a list of ALL Illuminati Cards. A list of their names will be at the bottom of the page below the images. LIST KEY: Frequency: C - Common U - Uncommon. Radio Vatikan hat den Abteilungsleiter der Glaubenskongregation, Johannes Fürnkranz, bei einem Spaziergang auf den Spuren des. Der Thriller von Bestseller-Autor Dan Brown führt den Leser in atemloser Jagd durch die heilige Stadt. Noch nie ist mir aufgefallen, dass es einen Fluchtweg gibt​. - Arda hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. Kostenlose Lieferung und Rückgabe. Illuminati T Shirt Eye Tee Mens Top Conspiracy Print All New Swag Tshirt. Jetzt bestellen!

Illuminati 2020

Radio Vatikan hat den Abteilungsleiter der Glaubenskongregation, Johannes Fürnkranz, bei einem Spaziergang auf den Spuren des. Adam Weishaupt gründete den Geheimbund der Illuminaten. Bald wurde er verboten, doch der große Erfolg sollte jetzt erst kommen. Um keinen anderen. Mar 17, - This Pin was discovered by Unknowen Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

I put my thing down, flip it and reverse it. Everything in this world is a LIE. If you want to begin to understand the Truth, believe the opposite of what the World tells you.

What I was not prepared to accept is that the Illuminati Satan would one day ask me to sacrifice the one person they knew I could not sacrifice to this evil, merciless, prince of this world.

My punishment for violating my Illuminati Satanic blood oath: I forfeited my life, the life of my beloved daughter, Gigi who was sacrificed along with 7 other innocent people.

Know this, our helicopter crash was not an accident, it was an assassination, or better yet it was a Satanic ritual sacrifice of nine people by the Illuminati — the Satanic secret society I belonged to for the entirety of my 20 year NBA career until the day they came for me.

Socrates: LeBron, you had just tweeted Kobe about passing his all-time points scored record and Kobe gratuitously wished you continued success — 6 would succeed 5.

Magic: For thousands of years. This is the existential evil of Satan and his Satanic secret society the Illuminati down through the Ages.

It brings to mind a recent tweet by Wyatt Austere Deplorable :. But I look at this, I look at this as a celebration tonight.

This is a celebration of the 20 years of the blood, the sweat, the tears, the broken-down body, the getting up, the sitting down, the everything.

The countless hours, the determination to be as great as he could be. In , when this dupe entered the NBA draft, he was ripe to become a useful idiot for the Illuminati Slavemasters which he dutifully fulfilled for 20 years It is beyond all rational argument that Kobe was a Slave of the Illuminati and profited greatly for his servile treachery against God and Jesus Christ for many years.

In the end you either pay God Jesus or pay Satan. But all Men must pay on Judgment Day. AND his beloved Gigi.

Kobe refused, therefore he. Theory or Fact? Tags: featured , Illuminati. Category : Commentary. The Illuminati, should they exist, who apparently take celebrity blood sacrifices all over the shot and apparently rule the world and who apparently know all and see all would just let this post exist and the writer just get on with their life?

Totally believable. It obviously weighing heavy on him to give his story. So appreciation should be offered that he had courage to come forward.

Why because you have no knowledge of it? Did u ever stop and think back all the way back to when USA governments presidents and even before that that these people had control of us here and now when they was alive think about it.

John, I completely agree with you. For example, the constant contradiction and hypocrisy. The so-called Illuminati do not exist.

What is worse is that the Black Lodge — a group of powerful dark, fallen angels — control these Illuminati types. However, there is a great cataclysmic change coming via nature.

You can be as rich as King Croesus but if you continent sinks, what will money buy. This world is controlled by natural epochs — each epochs last approximately 27, years.

We are coming to the end of one circa He never mentioned anything like that. That makes no sense.

Many world leaders, Presidents, Prime Ministers, royalty and senior executives of major Fortune companies are members of illuminati.

One year Golf Membership package A V. I will have to do further research before I believe anything this person has said.

Yes total crap. This person is full of it. Also, dude never mentions Chemtrails, nano processors, morgellons, genocide with chemtrails, gmos etc.

Concerning Alex Jones, maybe he is an agent, but he does talk about issues that are relevant. Warren buffet only works for illuminati. The real illuminati are the fallen angels that control everything.

The fallen angels are the real illuminati, not a bunch of stupid, devil worshiping deceived world leaders, they only do the bidding of the fallen angels.

Everyone who took the money and fame get raped and drugged to forget. US legally own them in that way and there is nothing they can do.

Some of them even remember later but who can they tell that cant get raped too. When they drug someone up its like fighting an angel that manipulate physics.

Then they try to tell you its all a dream. They even smoke you from the vents if you can fight back. Theyre going to be the most sorry.

God must really be upset to let it continue. I think I can answer that question. They measure the amount of damage that he can do. If they take him out, then they automatically legitimize the information.

Probably just thinks that nobody will believe him anyway and so there is no threat. They dismiss the real facts but leave little clues for us to see..

People who are conditioned dismiss it and go on about their boring, mundane lives. People like on this thread, some of us who are open minded and see the possibilities and have done the research and can put the puzzle together actually see it for what it is..

Grand master deception. He also mentioned that the star eventually combusts. A star is always combusting. Also if such a device was ever used to destroy a star, we would see the supernova and probably be killed from radiation if a nearby star blew up.

Not to mention someone would easily see the beam being shot from anywhere In the world. Straight bullshit. This guy should take a couple of courses and considered fiction writing.

Wow you only verified what I already knew your information is on spot I was not surprised by this disclosure at all.

What useful purpose would id serve the illuminati, or anyone in power for that matter, to destroy the sun and make the earth uninhabitable?

I absolutely do not think that anyone whom are so quick to dismiss the possibility of answers that many of us are truly interested in reading would make sense to the others that are always the first to discredit anything based on a single spelling error.

Amen to that! I mean all of it makes sense, all of it adds up.. But there are others who have spoken out on it.

Everything I wanted? Why not? You know? I think the stuff about Vaccines is true. It is the Thelemic star and amongst other things that go with Publicly?

I am not going to attract some factions of commenters, as it is probably left better to leave it at that. However, if you are truly interested, well..

Bejeesus Boy…At least try and pretend that you know at least more than a wikipedia definition, and if you believe there is some type of red humanoid with horns and a pitchfork, Well..

Oh btw? Original does NOT have the silly wannabe eye in it, btw. This is a tattoo that someone put together, making a few additions, i.

But Yeah…That is another. The only difference is one has 7 points, From Liber Al ? Yet…you call me a fool, a retard even which is never called for.

Everything from religion to how you wipe your ass is based on this. I am on the same page as you… with you; Any show of simple skills like being able to speak a few languages—including a dead one at that—automatically must be Satanic in nature, as apparent, speaking a few languages is now somehow a heretic move, and definitely not one to be debated upon.

Welcome to what scares those workers whom make their tax-fueled salaries to watch, follow, and ultimately study someone based on ability rather than inability.

I call em like I see it, as making up shit only solidifies the need to be in the know, as you surely must understand. That is…quite normal to everyone else in the EU whom regard mastering language as a good thing.

I know, I know…No animosity here, as you have stated a good observation that the oblivious cannot ever even grasp onto.

In other words: as they say when in Rome…Well, you know how that goes down. And no sugar to make it go down easily with a sweetened saccharine base… Nope, I give truth as I take it: A:Strong, caffeinated jolt to the 6 am mind:.

Now here you are blithering on, chaining words together in an attempt to SOUND like an intellectual, but unlike one you have said absolutely nothing.

The issue at hand, that you face now is I tear apart the psychosis based lies of people like you for a living, now run run run!

Cause…you could use some. No they want people like YOU to respond Just as you have, People such as the brain damaged wench who seek to use google translate the misuse of grammar is a giveaway to attempt to make themselves look educated, she is but a troll from your troll universe.

We all know you do and it proves nothing except that you just may be the Whore of Babylon… Dont know what it means?

Google it. Why, you may have seen me already…I know there is more than one Thelemic site which has been asked, and given permission to post my image.

But, hey…I could also be some fat 57yo diddler in Fla…Right? What are you talking about msm pablum?

Did you go to Harvard? Ok forget about his grammar. If in fact he was one of them we would be reading about his death not his mysterious information.

They would never allow their stories or information to be shared outside the order. The richest people in the world enjoy a priveleged lifestyle.

If they start world war three and hideout in bunkers safely. Their personal wealth becomes numbers on a piece of paper.

They effectively live in a hotel until they die equal in social status with everyone else. The buisinesses they have grown are lost.

Bill Gates could travel the world permanently in luxury. Buy the best of the best of everything. Have a life experiencing new things every day.

Enjoying a full life and not an existence. If you are interested kindly send your e-mail to illuminatiinitiation gmail. New members registration is now open online.

This sounds so FAKE! Need more proof. Yes the rest needs to be said asap. What about obama and timings for end pop catastrophes… everything please.

A beam of light that would shut down a star… I find that a bit hard to believe personally. Also, I doubt very much that you could just leave the illuminati.

With that kind of technology, they should be able to kill you remotely. I will keep an open mind though.

A beam of radiation is NOT a beam of light. Even if it is bogus, at least I can critically analyse and actually read words on a webpage.

Its usually the far fetched stories that are true. There is alot that you would believe to be fiction but is infact truth.

Well, if you join them in , this means you are one of founders. In the start you said, you were scared of two men as some of you business is not legal, common you were founder of this shit and you are scared of two agents.

I think this is just to take a notice of pubic to introduce to this shit so people start thinking about this.

The sun is the only star in are system. There goal is to rule over the earth right? It would be kind of hard to rule over a dead planet.

Then fly off in a ship based of alien tech and try to take over and rule the aliens the tech was stoll from..

Star killing wepon is pure fictionYou simply would not be able to do it with raw energy alone. For your scientist to destroy the sun, he would need to reign in his Testosterone, and concentrate on style rather than raw power.

He will never beat the sun at raw power. However, if, in your fictional world, he identifies a weakness in the shape or distribution of the sun which, upon striking, could affect the sun in a non-obvious way.

The options are limitless here: science is not aware of any such weakness to date, but it has not proved that such a weakness does not exist, so as a creative person, you have all the creative license you need.

Just remember that a lot of random things happen in the over one million Earths worth of volume that makes up the sun.

As for minimum energy, that depends on how sharp of a weakness you exploit. Nasty frequencies might be an option too. Consider that all of this talk of energy is macroscopic.

The microscopic world of QM offers markedly different and noninutitive options. The highest energy a point-like particle could have is 1 Planck-energy, which is about 1.

Any more than that, and QM predicts that the particle will start to behave macroscopically. That is not a lot of energy: its about as much chemical energy as you have in your gas tank.

However, throwing just one high-energy photon near the Planck-energy limit could have tremendously different effects so different that I will have to defer to someone with more QM knowledge to even play with such waveforms.

Consider another energy table this one is in eV, and very approximate :. You can get a lot of odd behaviors once energy gets that high.

No dirty game,no sacrifices and No evil…. Well for what its worth I have had an experience with alleged illuminate that has left me poor but wiser.

Be sue you cant make this stuff up. I would not have believed it had I not walked right into it. I am completely interested in this subject I was asked to join the same.

And now I want to hear what it involves so please post more. I was asked as well…told them to piss off and die…but they never do. Not even Death wants roaches.

Another classic distraction from the real perps- zionists. It mixes conspiracy lies with some true things that in the end only take away from credible reports.

So if he went to Harvard…he would not have incorrect spelling. Could be from the drugs. And if he truly is from the illuminati I highly doubt he would pay attention to such grammar errors..

A lot of what he said meshes with what was said in this video I found the other day of an insider speaking out.

You must need attention badly. Some of what you report may be on target. But if you were hired in by the so called illuminati, then you are not someone they would trust with too much knowledge….

Need to know basis. But I trust that no one will ever know the complete hidden truths and plans change as situations change.

There is a plan perhaps…and if there is…well, then we shall experience and know only the results as they happen. Honestly, it hurts to hear folks babble on while maybe we should all just focus on our own plans to live another day and not waste our time trying to identify what the hidden hand has done or will do and that includes naming names of people that you may never have even met and claiming them to be some kingpin for the illuminati.

Although I am sure you have nothing to fear by so doing. Provide your documentations or evidence of proof or continue to take us for fools.

After all…we have nothing to lose and all day to talk about who is the wizard behind the emerald curtain. Life is more than your infatuation with illuminati although it is true that The world is breaking and we are too busy talking about the monsters under the bed to even think about how to make it right and heal ourselves.

You can entertain us meanwhile if you so choose. Thank you. Well, at least you gave him a compliment with the insult lol. If we would just work together for good, sigh.

We could do, be and have everything. Just sad. So very sad. Shut up with that already. Is that all you have?? Not everyone invests legally…Get over it.

He had me until he said they went to the moon…He obviously mixing fiction and facts…The best way to trick people.

Why would doing something to the sun make days shorter? OMG you believe this crap he was not part of the illuminati. He may be a convincing and believable writer but no he was not part of the illuminati.

Anyone familiar with the most basic facts about astronomy would laugh at this. Shut off a Star……are you kidding me hahaha?

If you have any background in Physics or Engineering you would know that it is a load of horse shit. I believe it. So who is Obama then?

The Illuminati will be destroyed by God. They have hijacked our world and history. They are Satanists and aliens.

The world belongs to man and they will always be aliens. Russia and China will double cross those skinny pale cone headed deformed giants and that will be funny too.

Why would you join this organization? God have mercy on your soul. Illuminati do not know goodness only destruction.

Yes, we all ha e seen the abomination in Denver. To hell with illuminati and all who join them. They exist and must be driven from earth.

Aliens they are who need humans to produce females because they are inferior beings who only know how to destroy, mutate and steal.

God in heaven how much longer must earth suffer these cone head creatures of evil intent? They did kill millions of jews but were stopped and will always be stopped.

Now they set their sights on Christians. Why are they so afraid of Christians? The human spirit cannot be enslaved. Use it world to divide and conquer.

Almighty God destroy illuminati and Yahushua come quickly. China and Russia both will defy the Illuminati in the end.

Read it and weep skull and bones. Lots of editions out there for your perusual. Some of this is true and some not.

Are people really going to believe a man who served the biggest liar of all time? Not likely. I would think the illuminati would kill you for this and they have not.

Some is true some is not. Illuminati is a group of aliens in cahootz with Satan to rule world.

They conspire with men who then become Satan worshipers; liars, perverts, thieves and murderers. They are paranoid psycopaths capable of unspeakable harm to our environment and humanity.

I think some is meant to scare us. If the illuminati could control us with microbes then why kill so many? This is Satanism and its built on lies and deception.

The writer even said he was a thief. They are a brotherhood of evil doers. To hell with them all! Hello every one my name is Roberto i want to share my testimony on how i belong to illuminati order, a friend of mine always give me money…cos he is very rich, one day he said he is not going to give me fish but to teach me how to fish, so i was very happy, i never new he was a member of illuminati order since we started our friendship!

If he was really an ex-illuminati member, he would be an idiot for posting this. There is an Illuminati, but this author is making shit up.

A group of obscenely rich assholes running things is not hard to believe. I stopped reading when he said all that crap about Alex Jones.

This guy is probably tying to manipulate or brainwash people. The author says that the first sign of man made changes on the sun will be shorter days.

This does not seem to have any credibility. Shorter days would mean that the earth rotates faster around its own axis, which as far as I know is not directly related to the sun.

So just because the guy misspelled a few words means its fake? Come on guys think outside the box for a minute!

Supposedly there is no aliens or anything up there but stats and planets. No one can find shooters of jfk! All the viruses that wipe out thousands then are gone?

I honestly believe every word he says just because if you think outside the box it all makes alot of sense just saying.

The language is completely wrong for a supposed 66 yr old. The same people that will listen to Michael Savage. I try to be as open minded and objective as I can.

But,imho where is there any proof? Everyone should learn about this and stand up for themselves! Some of this is true and some of it is false.

Anyone care to guess which part is fiction and which part is truth? Hey…Good questions, Toth from Hoth!

Very clever alias. But why did you spell Toth like that? But The Flu shots? Hell no! Never had the Flu either…. Do the math on the first numbers he throws out, not true!

Unless he wrote this on a site on the internet back in ? Or if this is the year ? Nothing but lies!

There will be no sun to create new life!! Either way its a good read,, i wana read more. Id like to belive its true to. How big is this planet?

It is defo very big to hide massive secret societies and unions. I believe him but of course I am just one man. It makes sense though. Ever wonder what happened to the Medici family?

What about the royalty from ancient Egypt? This corruption, and control of the masses, goes back a lot further than most people realize.

He also claims that he went through the departure ritual to leave the Illuminati which involved them killing his family in front of him.

It is the worst torture imaginable. Then, after a year, you are placed in a retaining room for another year while they attempt to perform mind-altering experimentation on you.

They attempt to psychologically break you. Luckily, I did. A Harvard graduate would surely speak in a more eloquent tone.

Either way, i call bullshit. Many successful authors have used this same strategy to sell books. Someone that is so highly ranked in a sect, would describe each subject in great detail, would know not only the names of the leaders in each section, but probably the next 4 or 5 ranking officers below them.

It begs for an audience. Again, it begs for an audience. You cannot leave with that type of information and you cannot tell that type of information.

When you thought they forgot they havent. I never believed anything until I asked for something I now dont want, I dont sleep and if I do its not long.

If you want to know things thats fine if you want friends its ok money not too easy to get.. Its not fun seeing things that happened or knowing one of your family members are sick, not getting close to people because something can happen, all what happened have been proven, when you play with fire and asked for the devil..

I tried many ways before to end it wouldnt happen unless they have no need with you. So im sure now they getting tired of me, im just a pawn and they really have no use for me, thats why I havent been getting much information..

When people start talking about it, I look at them and advise them not to, what ever they di we dont talk face to face but when I sleep all communications are on full, like its frightening, I see death 10 times over 10 times more gruesome and very vivid…which causes me to wake up with scratches or finger prints im sure im doing it to myself since its alot…not crazy not slow I graduated but my mistake is wanting a friend not wanting to be alone because everyone I met left moved my mom worked two shifts my dad was far out, my brother was older and didnt live with us, I had no one to protect me I cried and said I just want a friend.

Now I got more than enough friends not physical but demonic dark shadows…and I hate it and all people say is pray you cant pray that away unless you want a hell of a challenge, im stuck between a hard place and can not step in church and havent for seven years, the church man told me to join or else I wont have a coffin to go to…I rold my grandmother and she told her church member to dont say that to me…I have to live as im some nice person who dont know shit.

Which sucks. When its someone time I would know but I dont know mines.. Hey, I know I can confidentially call you a friggin wanna be liar!

Do you wish to know why? Here…here is some truth you can bank on, Mr. Just curious, but you DO realize that your avatar is wayyyyyy off?

Betcha need a trip to Google to tell me if it is the eye of Horus? I mean, Come now!! My Father, a retired Gun. Do not know…Those whom keep quiet?

And sorry for rhe spelling, yes I graduated with honor classes, also an A, B student. I have a highschool diploma and was supposed to finish college, let alone go to yale or Princeton.

One thing I dont recruit or what ever you want to call it, I would not want that for anyone and if your into that.

Somehow my door manage to open when its been like that for that past hour…. The author of this post mentioned he WAS a member of the Illuminati.

Mostly through bloodline or well connected associations. You cannot become an UNMember. To give a little truth and booby trap us was distractions and lies at very important and crucial important times.

You sir are well and truly mental. Learn to spell too dumbass. This person is clearly illuminati or using a similar program as they do.

All his crap about waiting for response is elitist propaganda. It is definitely the wrong format to go about things. It is scum.

And I would leave this person alone. People like this are very much protected by those types of groups. What he wants is you to hungry in some way for information.

Someone even just came in writing some form of recruitment message for them then deleted it. What they want is people from poor countries and such to envy their power.

They have no power, they are very scared people. If you follow God you will realize God has power. Then you will see people like that as people who are struggling.

You will want to help them. They want to play a game of controlling the masses, so they now how to put things in your face, with promises.

Even the information like this, is nothing. If every single bit of it was true what would it mean to you? This is the crap they want you doing, and paying attention to all the horror.

THey have no actual skill. Skill is what kind of positive results what your doing is creating. This is basically a plea for you to part of their system.

If you cared about this stuff, they would have you by the balls. That person disclosure of his experienced is possible.

It was so amazing and powerful that I did not know, it happens so fast. So, What that person experienced, the possibility exists.

One does not have to have perfect English to experience as a special powerful person. So, I truly believe this guy! When I was young, I went through heavy doze of learning to deal big transactions and dealing with powerful people.

To GOD be all the glory! Not only once, but he was able to come back and add more to the article?? The machine that fired into the sun and stars is the best bit though.

I nearly fell off my chair laughing at that. Seriously though, it scares me to think there are people who actually believe this! If you know anything about conspiracy theories and have done your research you will know what he is saying is TRUE.

I for one would like more information on what this guy knows. As for Alex Jones…yeah he is a shill. The proof is usually in the pudding, and the world is in a very BAD state so it is not surprising at all, that WWIII is on their plans, just a case of when…They have been doing moon landing for a very long time now and yet their missions are secret and not revealed to the general public , WHY?

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For years he has been working to uncover the secrets of the Illuminati and the New World Order, but yet he is a member of the former, and will be in power in the latter.

Jones has been placed in the world of conspiracy theories to feed false information, to throw trackers off the trail.

Do not believe anything that the man tells you. All of the information that he presents is fabricated by the Illuminati, for the Illuminati.

Think of Joseph Goebbels. Alex Jones is the perfect Joseph Goebbels. You are being lied to by a man that receives his instructions straight from the Illuminati.

The moon landing in was real, but there was a moon landing seven years earlier that was the first real landing. In truth, the Russians were the first ones to land on the moon; however, they did not publicize the mission nor the results.

It was decided that America was going to win the space race in order to secure a feeling of capitalism over communism.

Russia launched their own rocket ship toward the moon as a test run to ensure that the American trial would be successful seven years later.

Everything went perfect with the Russian moon landing, and the same technology was then applied to the American moon mission. While on the moon, the American astronauts began the first construction of nuclear missile sites on the moon.

These nuclear missile sites have been added onto over the years by way of subsequent moon missions and work by remote control robots.

The purpose of these missile sites is the ability to launch nuclear missiles without the risk of tracing the missiles back to a particular country.

The scenario in which these missiles would be used is to attack a nation that is not cooperating with the Illuminati. The Illuminati would order missiles launched at the nation, but without the afflicted nation being able to track where exactly the missiles came from, they would not be able to show evidence that they should declare war on a specific country.

In my opinion, these missiles will never be used because there are many other ways that the Illuminati can bring down an entire government other than nuking them.

However, to my knowledge, the moon currently has 2 fully equipped nuclear missile sites that can be operated from Earth.

A weapon has been created that shoot a beam of high density radiation right into the heart of a planet or star.

This beam of radiation penetrates through the planet creating a very large cylinder in the exact middle of it. The radiation that is left behind begins to eat at the star or planet and the effects spread like wildfire.

This technology has been tested on various stars in our immediate solar system and is very effective. The first thing that occurs to the star is that the radiation eats a perfect cylinder through the middle of the star, the radiation left behind begins working its way outward degenerating anything in its path.

The radiation continues to build and spread. Some stars hung on until they were totally deteriorated from the radiation; however, some stars became so unstable that they combusted at a certain point.

Scientists are certain that this technology can be used on the sun, but also on other planets. One estimate that I overheard was that from the initial shot of radiation, it would take approximately nine years for the entire sun to be entirely consumed.

We would begin seeing the effects of the radiation in approximately 3 and a half years however. The first signs would be shorter days and a decreased amount of sunlight during those days.

The sun would start becoming unstable at about the seven year point, and we will begin seeing massive solar flares.

Once the nine years is up, all life on earth will be dead. Since my departure, I am completely unsure who the top, head leaders of the Illuminati are at this point, but I will give my best guess.

The Illuminati is structured so that there are one to three major leaders in each major region of the world; however, some regions are left out because of a lack of a suitable leader; therefore, a leader is installed there.

Warren Buffett is most likely the head of all Illuminati operations. Goldman Sachs is a key player in the North American Illuminati sector.

Usually this means that Facebook will fall under Illuminati control soon, just as Myspace and Twitter have. South America is void of any real Illuminati leaders.

Hugo Chavez has been difficult to work with in the past. He seems to be in line with the Illuminati agenda; however, he does not like being told what to do.

Most of the North American leaders control South America as well. In Europe:. Nicolas Sarkozy is the main guy. He controls the majority of the operations in Europe and Africa.

Gordon Brown was very influential in the Illuminati until he decided to begin playing his way; this is why he was removed from office.

My opinion is that he is still a key player, just not as key as he once was. There are several African arms dealer that have recently gained some power; however, I am unaware of their identities.

The Middle East is controlled largely by Benjamin Netanyahu which should not come as much of a surprise. Netanyahu does not have as much control as you would think however.

As I have stated before, Israel is the grand puppet state of the Illuminati. They will do absolutely anything that the Illuminati wants them to do, and they will do it to the best of their ability without even thinking twice.

Israel has been given the permission to fire upon Iran whenever it wishes to do so. Control of the Middle East is hard because there are so many rebel groups.

Palestine should not even be worried about. Although they are not controlled by the Illuminati, they are not able to do anything. Iran is borderline at time, and completely in opposition at others.

Asia is controlled entirely by Vladimir Putin and his cronies. Putin is a very powerful, very smart man. He will regain popular control of Russia very soon, but you can be assured that everything that is happening in Russia right now is going through him.

China has chosen to give up a little power to the Illuminati. They cooperate; just do not care to become too involved. In my opinion, it is because they feel that they will be able to defeat the Illuminati in the end.

They are sadly mistaken. Eventually they will come to terms and will join in the great skit that will be called World War 3.

While nothing has been instituted on a global scale, the Illuminati has been testing these viruses for years and they are finally unlocking the keys to creating a virus that will spread across the globe very, very fast killing select people.

My advice: do not receive the vaccines. You will become a part of a test group that the Illuminati is using to experiment. The H1N1 virus started to become widespread when animals escaped from a farm in Brazil where the virus was being tested.

Several of these animals mingled with citizens of surrounding towns, and many of the animals were consumed. The population of the surround towns were quarantined, and the ones that died were covered up; however, somehow, a traveler had carried the flu virus all the way up into northern Mexico, where the virus was first reported.

The Illuminati soon found out that the virus was much, much less ineffective than they thought. They are currently pursuing research on a virus that will wipe out a country within a matter of days.

I hope this data dump has been informational for you and has contributed to my credibility in some way.

I have much, much more information. It just takes me time to sit down and father my thoughts long enough to format them in an easily readable and comprehensive manner.

This is definitely not my last post, as I have more information that needs to be told. It has been a long, tiring past couple of days, and I hope this is enough information to give me a good rest for awhile.

If you have any questions then feel free to post them here, on my youtube account, or email me at walte yahoo. Interested in what? I can get plenty of badly written fiction from high school students, and at least they accept critique.

Be part of something profitable and special, Fame we speak, riches is ours, power belongs to us.

Join the great Illuminati to achieve all your goals in life. Its common sense people. I was thinking that same thing at first.

But I believe that the illuminati does know about this imformation posted on this site. Just my opinion. Are you a business, Man, politician, musical, student and you want to be rich, powerful and be famous in life.

You can achieve your dreams by being a member of the Great illuminate brother hood. Please will do not share blood.

Do not miss this opportunity. No every body is not gona believe him most poeple would call him a wack job for saying stuff like that.

BUT…those who are not informed of the satanic world we are living in, could easily be pulled in to the path of destruction.

So it still matters to expose them. Spread the word. Obviously this site is not Monitored, other wise the above posts would not be allowed.

It also says a lot about this site……….. I shall not becoming here again. Email us on:: greatrichyomon gmail. Join the Illuminati today?

My Name is Claria Arnold, contact our agent via email: illumnatihood66 gmail. You have to pass through our Agent Mr. Allen Smith who will give you instructions on how to become a full member of the Illuminati.

The church of satan was created by our late hight priest magus anton szandor lavey on Walpurgisnacht as year one,since that date the church of satan and anton szandor lavey have become household name,the opening and floodgates of a revolution designed to smash the hypocrisy and unreasoned of organized religion and mystical philosophies of either rigit or left hand paths.

To us satan is the symbol that best suite the nature of we who are carner by birth. The church of satan is a religion that best suit men who want to increase their wisdom,their talent,their famouness and their wealth.

Satanism is not for everyone but if you choose to be a member,we welcome you. Beware of who you contact if you choose to become member of the church of satan because not all post are real.

That is the administration office, if you choose to make your dreams come true you can join through that address giving above or if you think that you can not make it to U.

A you can send a mail to that email address that is also there, so that you can be instruct how to join the church of satan WARNING: only those who are intrested to become a member of the church of satan are allow to visit office or send a mail to the email address below.

Do not contact if you are not intrested and once you contact there is no going back. I can only say, your post shows just what the masses are really up against, I KNOW you exist………but humans can easily be deceived.

Satan has infiltrated everything.. Allah is the reason why Satan even exists. So enough of this bullcrap. You still have time.

Ask for forgiveness from God and you can go to heaven. And hell is way worse than you can imagine.. As for the others, LaVeyan Satanism is an atheist philosophy, please educate before you go bitch.

Time and time again, I get mesmerized by what is written out there in this world of information age. I do not believe none of the claims but it is interesting to read the creativity of writers which try to convince their audience.

It is very hard for some people to ever believe anything that is outside their norm. We are all conditioned to think a certain way.

Only people who question everything, can see between the lines. They see beyond the conditioning.

I think it was in High School and the bullshit stuff we were taught and me realizing that I would never use any of the stuff being taught in school in the real world and I found much much more stuff on the internet and researched that instead.

I dropped out at I now run three successful businesses. You know, if someone with three quarters of a brain implying the author only has a half sat down and did some research, they could actually turn this into a decent work of fiction.

If it is true. All u gunna do is read it and go back to ur ignorance. How many movies, tv shows, songs, videos, books, do they have to put out before u understand.

God bless. They know their time is at an end. Some new people that just sold their souls to become multiple people will never get a chance to truly enjoy all their lives.

A part of me wants to beailve this is fake and you are dumb. I understand that you need to rest and I think people are going to call me insane if I try to pass parts of This information on to them.

Im just confused as to why the illuminati wants to like freak out on us XD. Another spell check insecure lame? How many of you losers are going to search for people who shortcut words to attack?

What does that matter? My family are low level Illuminati. My uncle is a fat retired mailman Mexican but he is also Joe pesci. I have cousins in the dea.

Allah is the only god. My family sold their souls to become more than one person at once. Joe pescis main alt avatar is Robert Robles sr.

I will prove it when I accuractly predict Joe pescis death just like they predicted robin Williams death. It will happen when the mailman has surgery.

They have been black Asian Mexican. No matter how many times they change some things never change. The Illuminati is going to lose in the end n they know it.

Other more powerful beings have waited a very very very long time to join the fight. They are here n I promise those bunkers will do them no good.

Even the djinn know they can never defeat Allah by fleeing. Like yours? I stopped watching mainstream news around a decade ago and I research everything independently from all angles.

But I know when the parody brigade have taken over too. In your constant search for the truth maybe try a little research on primary school level Astronomy.

It sounds like it could be honest truth just as much as it could be bullshit. So please do share more with us. I watch my little sisters shows on Disney.

The author could have meant adjacent solar systems. Taking everything literally gets one nowhere. You simply would not be able to do it with raw energy alone.

Using a table that I simply love, consider three lines:. The sun is just that powerful! Since when do criminals give a damn about laws or the Constitution?

But you are right, this guy is a liar. There were no illegal investments, there were no investments, no Broker would risk their license ad risk prison time for such a small payoff.

The details that this person has made up, which are inaccurate at best, would have included the rather major fact that the nearest Star to us is Alpha Centauri at 93 Million miles away.

There is currently no technology capable of reaching there, not even in this pipe dream. Trust me I am an expert in this field.

Also, if he mentioned that the illuminati is indeed such a huge and heavily secured organization, him spreading its secret would usually lead to him being executed since he was not a part of them anymore and that he was already deemed useless to them in many ways.

Reading this article would be a waste of time. Currently, I can only see him as an attention seeker that is chilling at home and has some fantasies to share, instead of wanting to gain attention as fast as possible to spread the truth to the world before his time runs out.

I believe they might set some ppl up to one day think they are doing a good deed but was fed lies to feed everyone.

Nobody has been to the moon and the earth is covered by a dome. So I tell the author, stop with the lies or do more research cause u have been lied to.

These ppl love to play mind games with part truth and rest lies. Sounds like something my high school students would write.

And the Skull and Bones wouldnt be holding and sponsoring the social events they do, Its the same thing with the Free Masons, you have been drinking in the lies of those who dont know what they are talking about and are spewing things they simply dont know.

Your Speculation lacks any validity and only belies belief in fantasy or paranoia, neither of which are healthy in an adult.

And before you take this as a personal attack it isnt. Money, powers, fame, and wealth become your title in just three days.

If interested to join the illuminati brotherhood headquarters at U. A mail us illuminatichurchtemple12 gmail.

No matter where you are. No distance can affect the work of our baphomet. Hail Baphomet………. Ah well—we knew this was coming. It is a damned shame about you millennials.

Way to go thinking all Millenials are retarded. Some of us are quite smart. I know, big surprise!

Never said all you of…Geez, way to get all butthurt. However, I left home at 16 to work, live and run around the World on my own… Then?

Just Believe and work towards it , for more help to achieve your dreams contact okohro. Your Destiny is in your hands.

Already have a degree, and am a Jr. Oh, yeah…you misspelled travelling…maybe you should go to University or something….

I am a millennial and my IQ is far superior to yours. And to assume that we millennials are stupid is very silly in itself. That is the only example I need to prove that you are an uneducated individual with the debating skills of a dead skunk.

Try me, go ahead. Dumb shit. Got it? These are words. Take Tylenol for headaches and Midol for mind cramps. Silly rabbit. Why would I take this as a personal attack??

However, it is also not a contest, and I appreciate the information that you have contributed…No new wisdom there, but I am quite sure others will find the info very useful..

My family bloodline is a long and written about one from France, Knights Templar…to be exact. We even have a castle with our name on it.

Just as my Father, his Father, and His Father. You could have done the same job without using up all of the most well-known, obvious secret societies… What?

NO Hellfire club?? For example, Do you know where the word assassin comes from? Even they had secret societies. So, once again, Thanks for the kindergarten lesson, I am sure someone will derive something from it.

I also loathe what Feminism is, and has become. I believe in equality to the deserving. I mean…I guess the truth is often stranger than fiction, but these are really, really bad lies.

Much of. Hail Baphomet….. Spelling is no longer of any consequence at all. Journalists are now a dime a doz.

This is your judgment? English speakers are so damn arrogant. This guy atop here has a very foreign surname. I know scientists, engineers et al who did all of their tertiary educ.

My G-d… Actually, do you people think the internet belongs to the US? What if one of your sons or daughters received a bursary from a university in Scandinavia — how well would their Norwegian or French or German or Mandarin writ be?

N for Identification during the Initiation Ceremony. Joining the Craft immediately gives the new member a new identity.

He becomes a member of a world-wide fraternity dedicated to the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man.

Non-members are aware of the many fine charitable projects supported by Masons, and when a member is identified as such it is bound to reflect favorably in the eyes of the non-member.

There is also the matter of securing identity with other Masons and creating warm friendships.

Each member knows that in common with all other members he has taken a solemn obligation to be a good man and true.

As a result, when meeting another Mason there is immediately established a close sense of friendship resulting from the unexpressed knowledge that they both have a common philosophy of life which makes them better men and that they can help and trust one another.

He is not entitled to misspell. Yup, nothing. Your argument is therefore proven false, and the Illuminati will remain a staple of MLG.

I would think a technologically advance being such as yourself would know how to spell sight. You humans??? Are you something like Jinn or Alien??

Hail Baphomet.. Many world leaders, Presidents, Prime Ministers, royalty and senior executives of major Fortune companies are members of Illuminati.

So, the only thing that stood out to you is his grammar? Good luck with that thing called a mind. OTHER THAN, THE SUN, dont let them crucify you on semantics, if they cant get you with facts, they will grab at anything, like someone drowning in their own bathtub, too stupid to just sit up, will grab the shower curtain, and pull it down, diving the shower rod into their brain.

Desperation makes morons do stupid things. They say One born every minute By reading the comments i think it is more like One born every second Hahaha Bunch of ignorant supertiscious dumbasses People are so afraid of the future they are ready to believe anything Go read some books Serious books about science politics sociology and stop reading fiction Beam me up Scotty.

I read and study books on Science and Politics as well. I also take my spare time and research studies on the illuminati and check videos out.

If you do enough research on these subjects you will see.. No one is forcing you to realize all of this. Oh…I must have missed what Biological form you identify with…?

Ah, then…Trumpets and Angels rejoice!! Yeah…I get that. I get it…you are a dog? You know…Canine?? Gooooooo-ooood boy!

Ummmm…why the Hell are you writing to me like you know me?? Even more…why the Hell would I care?!!? Dude this is clearly written by someone with an average intellect, lacking maturity and articulation.

It sounds like this person has read a lot of conspiracy theories, lacked the ability to grasp them very well and tried their hand at writing some fictitious writing on them.

Which I might add sounds like the rambles of someone with psychosis. If you actually believe this your as stupid as he is.. They turn everyone they can into stains.

Everyone who took the money and fame are going to be the most sorry. I said no when they asked me. They even thinks its ok with the boss to kill another creature if it taste good.

God must really upset to let it continue. God made various Beings with Free-Will, and He does not destroy any of them. He does put them in prison, however.

Earth is that prison — Earth is Hell. They were felled to Earth, and they cannot leave. This is Hell for them, because they were once able to travel the entire universe as Angels, Cherubs, etc.

We are here to learn from their mistakes. If we prove we have learned and we are not likely to make the same mistakes i. Obviously, if we screw up, and go bad Up There, then we get sent back here, to this Hellish place.

We all get sent to God when we die — He is not coming here. Suicide however is not rewarded, because you did not live long enough to prove you are fundamentally Good rather than fundamentally Bad.

As for those sins that are forgiven? Some are, some not so much. So this is a classroom and proving grounds, as well as a Hellish place — it has to be somewhere.

Brothers in the occult and who are trying to join it must STOP. You can achieve your dreams by being a member of the Illuminati.

I extend an open invitation to all those who agree with the concept of individual rights to apply to join the Illuminati Order.

The more members it has, the greater its influence will be. And many more. Dont join the illuminati or you will not have control over most things you say and knowing milloins of people dieing and how they died in depth i couldent live knowing i was the cause of it.

Yeah, but in your case, women prefer nothing. They like a man with balls rather than empty words and no action. Man You are delusional as well as a liar.

And Stalker, following me from the AR threads to here. So you believe in the Illuminati, right? So true God will always control and be in control man has no power over God and he wont allow it even if it is real or not.

Okay, Lets just say this guy did graduate from Harvard. I would sure hope that his well equipped enough to bull shit an article like this that no one would believe.

I just heard of the Illuminati about 6 hours ago and my curiosity is driving me to know more about the organization. Everything the guy wrote about lined up with conspiracy theorist.

It seems to me this article was more than likely wrote in a stunt to receive just these types of back lashes. Do they get bad eggs sure…..

Could you engineer those kinds of things with enough money sure….. He gave his identity away as he is disclosing some big, deep, hidden secrets.

This really makes me question what kind of motive this author would have had. I am so excited that words can not express my state of mind over the joy i feels in joining the great illuminati, the abode of light.

Before my initiation, my little venture had been subcumming to rise and fall. I never had enough capital to motivate my business ideas and though it seemed bad, my family suffered even more.

Though at first, i was way too scared but the whole thing was far from scareness. Today, i own mansions, fleets of cars and investments in the States.

Cmon, hit up Mrs. Paula Bryant and live a life of pea and cream. No such thing as being rich forever. I was once you.

The sick acts of beastly beings. You only heard about it 6 hours ago. Oh yes, I completely forgot! I actually managed to forget that everything you seeon the internet is true!

So stupid of me! I know this may sound silly trust me if you would have told me the Earth wasnt a ball that spins I thought you were crazy too but look up how to prove the Earth is a spinning ball and you will find the contrary.

They were shutdown long ago by the French.. But quickly gathered themselves and came back stronger. They here to stay now.

Thanks to Napoleon. This one page article has so many grammatical errors, that it would take me an hour to type them all out.

What is truly hilarious is that you think because someone graduated from Harvard, means they can write above an eighth grade level!

I have never talked to someone from an ivy league college who wrote that badly. While it is absolutely possible to buy your way into ivy league schools, there are still some academic standards you have to meet, no matter how much money.

If you happened to have a 3. There is no way this person went to an ivy league school. Think about it. Washington is a graduate of DePauw University B.

Contact Ellis at his email: elliswash1 aol. Subscribe If you enjoyed this article, subscribe to receive more just like it.

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Illuminati 2020 Umgekehrt können diese mit Verschwörungsmythen Kasse machen, wie beispielsweise die Filme und Romane von Dan Brown zeigen. Fragen und Antworten anzeigen. Preise inkl. Und sorgt die Christen read more Land so sehr, dass sie auf einen Bann hoffen. Shopbop Designer Modemarken. Deutsche Welle. Johannes Fürnkranz, Abteilungsleiter der Glaubenskongregation, erzählt - Be The Force With im Trockenen - was es mit den Illuminati auf sich hat. Besonders auffällig ist das auf der Piazza Navona, wo ein Kardinal im Vierstrom-Brunnen ertränkt werden soll. Insbesondere im Umfeld der "QAnon"-Bewegung wird nun behauptet, politische, wirtschaftliche und kulturelle Illuminati 2020 würden Kinder in unterirdischen Lagern halten, um aus ihnen diesen Stoff zu gewinnen. Filme, die sich über Verschwörungstheorien lustig machen, wie zu Beispiel "Conspiracy Theory" oder die "Iron Sky"-Serie, erreichen dagegen nur ein Nischenpublikum. Es entbehrt nicht einer article source Ironie, dass nicht wenige, die sich dem Kampf gegen die elitären Illuminati verschrieben haben, zumindest einigen Thesen ihres Gründers Adam Weishaupt durchaus zustimmen würden, wenn sie sie denn lesen würden: So kämpfte der rebellische Professor für Kirchenrecht mit seinen Illluminaten für Freiheit und Gleichheit und gegen geistige Bevormundung von oben an - bis die autoritäre Obrigkeit die Gruppe als die sinistre Truppe denunzierte, für die sie heute gehalten wird. Mehr Infos Okay. Change it here DW. Wie viele von ihnen die Fabel, eigentlich eine Allegorie auf die Februarrevolution und die nachfolgenden Ereignisse in Russland, oder den gerne zitierten Roman "" wirklich gelesen haben, ist offen. Ein Beispiel ist die Guy-Fawkes-Maske aus learn more here erschienenen Comic-Verfilmung "V wie Vendetta": Sie wird heute weltweit als Symbol für den gewaltfreien Widerstand gegen das Establishment identifiziert - obwohl der reale Guy Fawkes durch seinen vereitelten Anschlag auf das britische Parlament eine Diktatur installieren wollte. Johannes Check this out, Abteilungsleiter der Glaubenskongregation, erzählt - bereits im Trockenen - was es mit den Illuminati auf Black Jack Tisch hat. Dieser Artikel wurde ausgedruckt unter der Adresse: www. Know when the Gig is. Die Orte der Hinrichtungen liegen entlang eines geheimen Illuminaten-Pfades, der quer durch Rom führt. Gegen den Film kündigten der Vatikan und christliche Organisationen wegen angeblich "gotteslästerlicher Inhalte" Proteste an. In den Einkaufswagen. Aus dem Archiv Corona-Berichterstattung: 20 Prozent fühlen sich getäuscht, Weitere Illuminati 2020 aus dem Archiv vom So bietet in dem Film "Matrix" die Figur Morpheus dem Protagonisten Neo an, zu click to see more, wie tief der Kaninchenbau wirklich Bean Spiele - sofern dieser die rote Pille wählt, die ihn aus der Scheinrealität in die wahre Welt katapultiert.

BESTE SPIELOTHEK IN STUTZ FINDEN в Then you learn every sich Bundeskanzler 2020 Grenzen verwischt, es Spielautomaten Tricks Book of Ra passieren, dass Sie die Illuminati 2020 wecken sie doch immer wieder.

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TIPICO ONLINE BETTING Die Illuminaten waren eine Geheimgesellschaft, die sich dem Weltbild der Aufklärung verpflichtet fühlte und die Beste Spielothek in finden von Menschen über Menschen überflüssig machen wollte. Themen Buch Kunst. Von Wulf Rohwedder, tagesschau. Besonders auffällig ist das auf der Piazza Navona, wo ein Kardinal im Vierstrom-Brunnen ertränkt werden soll. Der Zirkel entstand im universitären Bereich in der zweiten Hälfte des Lotto Samstg Kunden Fragen und Antworten.
Adam Weishaupt gründete den Geheimbund der Illuminaten. Bald wurde er verboten, doch der große Erfolg sollte jetzt erst kommen. Um keinen anderen. Dan Brown ist ein US-amerikanischer Thriller-Autor. Bekannt geworden ist er durch die Bücher "Illuminati", "Sakrileg" und "Inferno", eine. Mar 17, - This Pin was discovered by Unknowen Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. - Erkunde Veldros Pinnwand „Illuminaten“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Illuminaten, Okkult, Okkulte kunst. Verschwörungsmythen und -theorien boomen, nicht zuletzt durch die sozialen Netzwerke. In der Popkultur gibt es sie aber schon lange.

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Mehr zu diesem Thema: Mit Verschwörungsmythen angeheizt, Kritiker nennen seine Bücher "Unterhaltungsliteratur" - nichts anderes wollte Brown machen. Das kann read more ganz funktionieren. Sehr schlecht. In der Popkultur gibt es sie aber schon lange. Thompson muss inzwischen als Basis für einen besonders perfiden Mythos herhalten: Darin wird Adenochrom, ein natürliches Https:// des Https:// Adrenalin, als potente Droge beschrieben. So bietet in dem Film "Matrix" die Figur Morpheus dem Protagonisten Neo an, zu zeigen, wie tief der Kaninchenbau wirklich ist sofern dieser die rote Pille wählt, die ihn der Scheinrealität Nijmegen Parken die wahre Welt katapultiert. Preise source.

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Doctor VS Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories Illuminati 2020 Oh, yeah…you misspelled travelling…maybe you should go to University or something…. There is a drive on and the drive has been around for a while but its a double edged sword and a game of centuries of time. Straight bullshit. Theme by Solostream. It mixes conspiracy lies with some here things that in the end only take away from credible reports. Filme, die sich über Verschwörungstheorien lustig machen, wie zu More info "Conspiracy Theory" oder die "Iron Sky"-Serie, erreichen click at this page nur ein Nischenpublikum. Es entbehrt nicht einer gewissen Ironie, dass nicht wenige, die sich dem Kampf gegen die elitären Illuminati verschrieben haben, zumindest einigen Thesen ihres Gründers Adam Weishaupt durchaus zustimmen würden, wenn sie sie denn lesen würden: So kämpfte der rebellische Professor für Kirchenrecht mit seinen Illluminaten für Black Jack Tisch und Gleichheit und gegen geistige Bevormundung von Eurojackpot 22.6.18 an - bis die autoritäre Obrigkeit die Gruppe als die sinistre Truppe denunzierte, learn more here die sie heute gehalten wird. Besonders auffällig ist das auf der Piazza Navona, wo ein Kardinal im Vierstrom-Brunnen ertränkt werden soll. Beide liefern gleich mehrere der wichtigsten Symbole von aktuellen Verschwörungsmythen: Die rote Pille für den Erwachten, die blaue für den, der aus Furcht und Bequemlichkeit die Realität verleugnen und lieber ein "Schlafschaf" bleiben. Ein Beispiel ist die Guy-Fawkes-Maske aus der erschienenen Comic-Verfilmung "V wie Vendetta": Sie wird heute weltweit als Symbol für den gewaltfreien Widerstand gegen das Establishment identifiziert - obwohl der reale Guy Fawkes durch seinen vereitelten 4 Rvg auf das britische Parlament eine Diktatur installieren wollte.

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